Lowestoft RC to host new British Rowing Coastal Sculling Academy for East Anglia  

British Rowing has announced that Lowestoft RC will host one of six new GB Coastal Sculling Academies, supported by British Rowing and East Anglia Youth Rowing. The aim is to deliver Coastal Sculling and Beach Sprint opportunities on the East Anglia coast, and to support this initiative, 6 new Coastal Sculling boats and two Ergos are being loaned to LRC.

These Academies have been created to identify and develop rowers with the potential to perform at international level in Beach Sprints. This fast-paced format of coastal racing will be included in the 2028 Olympic programme, as well as at the 2026 Commonwealth Games. The Academies provide a network of locations around Great Britain with suitable environments for people to try Beach Sprint racing (and coastal sculling), and to train and develop their skills – with the aim of being selected for the GB or Home Nations Beach Sprint teams.

For more information please contact:

helen.lwscoastal@gmail.com or jeni.lwscoastal@gmail.com

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